Ludlow Race Club Ltd Bromfield Ludlow Shropshire SY8 2BT Tel:  01584 856221
Fax: 01584 856217  Racedays Fax: 01981 580181 Email:
Next Meeting Wednesday 11th October   First Race - 2.10pm, Last Race 5.10pm
 Monday 4th January First Race  1.00pm
 Tuesday 12th January First Race 1.30pm
 Thursday 21st January First Race 12.50pm
 Thursday 3rd March First Race 1.55pm
 Wednesday 10th February First Race 2.00pm
 Wednesday 24th February First Race 2.10pm
 Wednesday 3rd February First Race 1.40pm
 Thursday 24th March First Race 2.30pm
Tuesday 19th April   First Race 2.10pm
Sunday 8th May First Race 2.00pm
Wednesday 5th October First Race 2.10pm
Thursday 20th October First Race 2.00pm
Thursday 10th November First Race 1.35pm
Monday 21st November First Race 1.10pm
Monday 28th November First Race 1.10pm
Monday 5th December First Race 12.30pm
 Gates are open 2 hours before the first race. First race times are subject to change, please check here or the Daily Press for any change. .....................
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Tuesday 5th April First Race 2.15pm
Wednesday 21st December First Race 12.35pm