Please Note: COVID 19 UPDATE: MEMBERS have the opportunity to book race tickets for the December 16th meeting first. Can you please contact the office, 01584 856221 or email the office if you wish to come racing as a Member.

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16th December, 2020
Tanners Christmas Meeting

The Clive Pavilion

The Clive Pavilion was built 27 years ago and opened by Viscount Windsor, now the Earl of Plymouth, on 19th November 1992. Until the building of the Jubilee Stand in 2003, it was the only hospitality area at Ludlow Racecourse. It used to host the general public, the annual members, the owners and trainers and the directors all under one roof, something inconceivable today!

The Clive Pavilion provides all the catering for our Day Members as it contains a bar, cafeteria and carvery, which means you can have anything from a cup of tea or coffee or a pint to a Dish of the Day or a carvery meal.  Tables here cannot be reserved or booked in advance.

There is a full Tote betting facility and racing is screened on 50-inch flat screens.


Today, the Clive Pavilion provides all the catering for our Day Members. We have a carvery from which you can choose Soup of the Day (£4), Roast of the Day (£16), Dish of the Day (£13.50), Vegetarian Option (£13.50), Cheese and Biscuits (£6), Handmade Cakes (£3.50), Scone and Clotted Cream (£3.50) Cup of Tea or Coffee (£2) and Hot Chocolate (£2.60).

Tables here cannot be reserved or booked in advance.


The Owners and Trainers Hospitality Area is situated in part of the Clive Pavilion with its own access to the carvery, its own bar and its own supply of tea and coffee.

There is a large bar, a full betting facility and racing is shown on 50-inch flat screens. The Clive Pavilion is situated with easy access to the finishing line. The Paddock and Winners enclosure are just across the course.

Disabled access is good throughout the course.

NB: Glass is not allowed outside any of the bar areas and all bars close half an hour after racing finishes.

For more information, contact Diane Thomas on 01584 856221 or [email protected]

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