Next Meeting  Wednesday 9th October 2019 First Race ….  12.15pm ……………….  Last Race……… 3.20pm Staff Briefing:  9.45am  …………..  Gates open: 10.30 am  
Ludlow Race Club Ltd Ludlow Racecourse Bromfield Ludlow Shropshire SY8 2BT  
Ludlow Race Club Limited 2019
Thursday 3rd January First Race 1.20pm 6 Races Thursday 17th January First Race 12.40pm 7 Races Monday 28th January First Race 1.15pm 7 Races Wednesday 6th February First Race 1.40pm 7 Races Wednesday 20th February First Race 1.20pm 8 Races Thursday 28th February First Race 1.50pm 7 Races Thursday 21st March First Race 2.30pm 7 Races Charity Meeting Monday 1st April First Race 2.15pm 7 Races Tuesday 23rd April First Race 1.50pm 7 Races Sunday 12th May First Race 1.55pm 7 Races Scott & Newman Centenary Race Day Monday 20th May First Race 2.00pm 7 Races Wednesday 9th October First Race 12.15pm 7 Races Thursday 24th October First Race 2.10pm 6 Races Thursday 14th November First Race 1.05pm 6 Races Monday 25th November First Race 1.10pm 7 Races Wednesday 4th December First Race 12.30pm 7 Races Wednesday 18th December First Race 12.40pm 7 Races Tanners Christmas Meeting    Gates are open 2 hours before the first race. The first race times are subject to change, please check here or the Daily Press for any change.
 Fixtures 2019
Telephone: 01584 856221 Email: Twitter: @LudlowRaceClub Instagram: ludlowraceclub