Next Meeting  Thursday 17th January 2019 First Race ….  12.40pm ……………….  Last Race……… 4.00pm  
Ludlow Race Club Ltd Ludlow Racecourse Bromfield Ludlow Shropshire SY8 2BT  
Ludlow Race Club Limited 2018
Thursday 3rd January First Race 1.20pm 6 Races Thursday 17th January First Race 12.40pm 7 Races Monday 28th January First Race 1.15pm 7 Races Wednesday 6th February First Race 1.40pm 7 Races Wednesday 20th February First Race 1.50pm 7 Races Thursday 28th February First Race 2.00pm 7 Races Thursday 21st March First Race 2.30pm 7 Races Charity Meeting Monday 1st April First Race 2.15pm 7 Races Tuesday 23rd April First Race 2.00pm 7 Races Sunday 12th May First Race 2.00pm 7 Races Ladies Day Wednesday 9th October First Race 2.10pm 7 Races Thursday 24th October First Race 2.10pm 6 Races Thursday 14th November First Race 1.05pm 6 Races Monday 25th November First Race 1.10pm 7 Races Wednesday 4th December First Race 12.30pm 7 Races Wednesday 18th December First Race 12.40pm 7 Races Tanners Christmas Meeting    Gates are open 2 hours before the first race. The first race times are subject to change, please check here or the Daily Press for any change.
 Fixtures 2019
Telephone: 01584 856221 Fax: 01584 856217 Email: Twitter: @LudlowRaceClub Instagram: ludlowraceclub