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The Tote is different from the Bookmakers in that it is betting from a pool of money as opposed to fixed odds returns. Wherever you place your bet, it goes into a pool, and how much you receive if you have a winning ticket will depend on how much money is in the pool.

The Tote was bought by Betfred in 2011 for a period of 7 years. Since 2018, there has been a movement by JRC, several independent tracks and ARC to take the Tote back, with the intention of providing a larger financial return to racegoers.


Ludlow has various sites for bookmakers on the racecourse. You will find the majority in front of the Jubilee Stand and/or by the Paddock or in the Fairway Cafe Area. Each bookmaker will have a stand displaying odds, and someone to take the bets and to pay out any winning bets.

Where to Place a Bet at Ludlow Race Club


There are betting windows inside and outside the Clive Pavilion plus bookmakers on the rails by the Club Enclosure.

Grandstand & Paddock

There is a window adjacent to the Weighing Room plus a room inside the Grandstand Bar.

Course Enclosure

There is a stand inside the Fairway Bar and Cafe.

How to Bet with an On-Course Bookmaker

  1. Pick your racehorse, look around for the best odds on course, try to offer the correct stake money for your wager.
  2. Ask the bookmaker for your bet, name the horse (the bookmaker won’t necessarily know its number). Listen to the bookmaker repeat your bet to his clerk, correct the bookmaker if he makes a mistake and receive your betting ticket as a receipt for your bet.
  3. Should your horse happen to win, present your betting ticket to the bookmaker, check your winnings.
  4. When placing a bet, check the place terms with the bookmaker. Not all on-course bookmakers accept each way bets, ie: for a win or a place.
  5. In the unlikely event of a dispute after adhering to this procedure, approach the ring official, who will advise you of your rights.
  6. Some course bookmakers have minimum stakes of £2, £5 or £10 but small backers are catered for in the racecourse betting shops.

Each Way Betting

The RCA and the bookmaking association have agreed the following terms for all bookmakers offering each way betting on course.


5-7 runners, one quarter the odds 1,2

8+ runners, one fifth the odds 1, 2, 3


5-7 runners, one quarter the odds 1,2

8-11 runners, one fifth the odds 1, 2, 3

12-15 runners, one quarter the odds 1, 2, 3

16+ runners, one quarter the odds 1, 2, 3, 4

All bookmakers must display on their boards whether they are betting each way or to win only.

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