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Dressing the part for the races: a beginner’s guide

Is it a date? Is it a meeting with high profile people? If you’re going to a race meet, you definitely need to dress the part, but what is appropriate for Ascot is not necessarily the same as for Ludlow. Here are 5 tips on how not to miss the occasion!

Take the terrain into account

Racecourses nowadays have [plenty of hard surfaces so┬á although most of these have steady ground youÔÇÖll certainly find some difficult terrain on the Members’ Lawn or maybe in gardens. No matter how cute those heels are, or how clean those white sneakers look, look out your finest boots and hit the road. No matter rain or sunshine, a good pair of boots won’t fail you. If they are leather or from a similar material, youÔÇÖll undoubtedly be protected from anything bothering you while you walk, is it dirt? Is it a long walk across the field? YouÔÇÖll be comfortable and in style.

Dubarry boots are a standing dish at Knightwick or Chaddesley Point-to-Points, whilst most ladies have removed their heels by the fourth race on Ladies Day at Liverpool. Apply the CD rule to your day out; you need to be a Course and Distance winner wherever you’re headed.

Address the situation

Along with Glyndebourne, fine dining at Paris’s George V Hotel and casino gaming, horse races have always been one of the most glamorous events. However, casinos have moved online over the last few years, bringing the fabulous experience to the comfort of oneÔÇÖs home. While you still can prepare yourself for an opera visit and explore the gaming possibilities beforehand in an Irish casino online, thereÔÇÖs no particular way of getting ready for a race meet.

When youÔÇÖre invited racing, you need to address how and what kind of meeting you are going to. Is it a work meeting during the weekend, and youÔÇÖre meeting your bosses during the day? Whilst gents have no great difficulty in looking the part, ladies vex something rotten about the outfit. A pair of white trousers and a basic sober blouse will suffice, some sunglasses and a hat for the very sunny days can help you execute the look as well. Are you meeting a date on a Friday night, watching the racing and having dinner afterwards? Go for black trousers and a sophisticated coloured top, maybe a military green or blue with a good blazer can do the trick. Look for the perfect combo between sophistication and comfort.

Nuances in style can be misunderstood. Morning coat and topper wouldn’t pass muster at Ascot as per our picture.

Only a silk topper works at Ascot

Make up & essentials to carry with you

What accessories and what makeup is appropriate for these occasions? A natural soft glam will work for both, day and night. You don’t want anything thatÔÇÖs too much, so go for basic and stock a good lipstick in your purse with a bottle of perfume to keep you freshened up.

Ladies Day at Liverpool has also been known as Orange day for the amount of fake tan, whilst Longines and Chanel are more likely bedfellows at Ascot and Goodwood. This is a game of horses for courses.

How to be ready when it’s cold

The British weather has been known to let us down. Irrespective of the time of year, be prepared with some extra precautions. Do you have a good basic shirt that keeps you warm? Go for it! Keep your layers simple and classic, any long (but not too long so that nothing gets dirty) coat will do. Try to match and mix colors so that your outfit elevates.

Tweeds from Holland Cooper are de rigeur for winter jumping, whilst there’s a whole raft of dressmakers catering for the five different days of Ascot.

Dress to have fun

When the sun hits, being outside for a full day or evening can be exhausting, and  keeping appearances neat can be tricky . First, you need to be ready to wear light clothes, and most importantly sun protection. Be ready to wear it all; sunscreen, sunglasses, and a good classy hat can never fail. This is a great opportunity to get that stylish sun hat out of the box and take it for a spin. Keep your outfit based on light colours like beige, white and the bright blues, sandals though are a big no, so think of some basic shoes that are breathable and comfortable to walk in.


A race meeting is an event that can vary in formality, style and how much fun you are going to have  if you wear comfortable enough clothes to enjoy the event. Remember, less is more and being classic while also being chic is the key to success!

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